What is the meaning of this?

Hmm, there is no meaning as such. This site is just a mix of web related subjects and utilities with a pinch of eclectic thrown in.

The person masquerading as the Fat Belly Man (that's me!), is a web designer in normal life. I usually sub contract for larger companies, designing and implementing the layout and work flows of on-line applications.

For independent work, mostly for SMEs, I work under the name of Solriche.

My primary fields of expertise are CSS/XHTML, accessibility, along with a smattering of Javascript and PHP skills.

Why Fat Belly Man?

Most men end up there and I knew I'd fit into the name eventually...

For those of you wondering what the secret is to becoming a Fat Belly Man? All that's needed are pizzas, real ale, a comfy chair, a flat screen tv and of course, time.


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