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Road leading to a full blown trade war

“If it really does get to be a big war, we have many more bullets than any of these other countries…” These bellicose words from US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross are a feature of the US’ approach to trade disputes … Continue reading

China’s Belt and Road (abridged version)

Lifting China from a regional to a global power China’s ‘The Belt and Road’ plan is an economic initiative that if successful, will change the world’s geopolitical centre of gravity. China will be lifted from a regional to a global … Continue reading

Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and the single market

At this year’s Labour Conference a row was sparked with accusations from Labour’s right-wing, and their media allies, that debate on Brexit was stifled. The reality, sketched out by Alex Nunns in a Red Pepper article, was there was a … Continue reading

North Korea: Fire and Fury

They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.. This thinly veiled threat of nuclear annihilation from Donald Trump was the latest round in the trading of insults between the US and North Korean regime. … Continue reading

Venezuela at a crossroads

..the only thing Venezuela has in abundance is chaos, this is the verdict of most of the mainstream media on the crisis in Venezuela. The home of Chávez’s Bolivarian revolution is beset by violent anti-government protests set against a background … Continue reading